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China Plastic Middle Side Seal Bag factory - kanna - 14-03-2018

Company Overview
Founded in 1999, our company is one of the excelent plastics packaging manufacturers in Guangdong, China. Our company has specialized in flexible plastic packing bag over 18 years. Over the decades, our company has successfully implemented the latest printing technology and exclusive one-stop shop services in order to manufacture the best quality packaging products to consumers.
Today, our company supplies products to over 10 countries, and we have been a prime supplier recognized by many well-known brands and major merchandisers around the globe.
Top Quality Plus Top Value
Our company always pursues ultimate quality. Every product from prototype to final finish is done strictly in house. All goods have to be checked before go out. Therefore, we can guarantee quality. In addition, We have an own physical factory to support us, so we can offer you a reasonable price.
We are always at your service so that make a win –win results.
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